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Every month, you or your friend, family, or lover will receive a Royal Treasure Chest, a box of vintage items on a journey! 


Scarves from another era, jewelry from a forbidden romance, forgotten books waiting for you. Each treasure is unique, genuine, and hand-picked. No two boxes will ever be the same.

Each box is custom-curated, based on your own unique style.   Build your personal profile by letting us know which type of items pique your interest. Click an image to enlarge and learn more!

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I love precious! Sent out immediately, packaged with utmost care, plus a friendly update. Absolutely recommended to all. Thank you!!!!
— Gayle (Wyoming)
Wonderful treat to open your elegant package. I am in awe at the beauty and history of this item. Thank-you so much :)
— Julie (Ontario)
Fantastic earrings! I will be wearing them at an upcoming wedding. Thanks for this great find! : )
— Lizzy (New Jersey)

Royal Treasure Chest

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